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Our family lives in Dalarna and it consists of Anne-Marie, Peter and our girls Elin and Hanna. Our boys Viktor and Oskar who are oldest has already moved out.

Eros and Anne-Marie


My dog's life started back when I, Anne-Marie was 9 years old and I got my first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog. I then had nagged about a dog for over a year now, and finally it gave my mother & father with him and I got a dog. Had really wanted a Rough Collie, but my parents thought it would be a too big dog for me. But I was so incredibly happy that I would get a dog so it did not matter that I had to go down in size a little. His name was Stella Nova's Red Robin, and I called him Robin. I was fortunate to keep him up until I myself became an adult and got a family and children. My Robin was 15 years old. After him, I bought a Rough Collie from a kennel here in Dalarna, since it has become more Collies us & me. And I have been true to the breed ever since! I've trained in obedience and devoted myself to show with my dogs and a few years ago so I trained dog handler in the armed forces while my Eros, Seamist Ice Spirit was trained and managed CAC sample to the working dog. We are now one of the dog crews in the armed forces in Dalarna. He is an absolutely amazing Collie and I am incredibly proud of him. He's a dream come true! I love all of our dogs and hope to continue to train and compete with them.






Elin has grown up like the others with dogs since she was born. And she got her first dog when she was 9 years old like me. She wanted a Shetland Sheepdog after we have been to a kennel where we bought a wonderful collie puppy. They had breeding of both Collie & Sheltie and Elin fell in love with one of the females who were so cozy. So when the bitch got a litter of puppies so Elin stood in line there. She had saved his allowance for over a year and had to retrieve his beloved little puppy Milton.She started her show career with him with a win in Children with Dog contest with his Beloved Milton. They also trained agility but unfortunately he got big problems with his back and we had to sadly put him to sleep after a few years because of it. But her interest in dogs and a desire to have her own sheltie again meant that we got a new Shetland Sheepdog to her. His name Westhlover Mio Min Mio and called Skorpan. They compete rally obedience and go to dog shows.





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Hanna is now in high school and have no time for much else. She also has her own Sheltie named Westh Lover King Kickapoo and is called Tippen. They have competed in agility and been to some dog shows. But agility is what they both enjoy the most.






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Peter is the father of the family and he helps in every way with the dogs when needed. He has never had a dog of his own but now have a whole bunch in the family.