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2019-08-22 Milas page updated and homeopage updated! We have

a new Danish Champion!


2019-06-10 Updated homepage and Milas page.


2019-01-15 New photo on Milas page and updates! 


2018-11-14 New photos on Milas page


2018-07-15 Our new family member Milas has got his own

page! Welcome to check in on it!


2018-06-02 Kiyaan's page updated with new photos!


2018-05-05 Great day in Åhus at their Working Dog Show.

Kiyaan was 2 best male with his last CAC and New Swedish

Champion! His full name is now KORAD SEUCH Kensington

Gate Spirit Of Shogun! Our Eros was shown in veteranclass

with really god result. He was Best Male and BOB and BOB

Veteran. In the finals he was Best In Show Veteran 2!


2018-04-08 A really happy day in Sundsvall! Our sheltie

Skorpan was BOB Veteran and Best Male with CAC, BOB and

New Swedish Champion!! Thank's to the judge Bengt-

Åke Bogren for thinking so highly of him. 58 shelties

entered!! And was even Best in Group 3!!! What a day! He is

now 9,5 years old. For the collie result was

Cannon Best Male and BOS and Travis 2 Best Male!

Sundsvall Nat SECH-18 140 (2)

Sundsvall Nat SECH-18 190 (2)2



2018-02-01 News! Cannon and Kiyaan has been eye checked.

Look at their pages for more info


2017-12-30 New pictures on the dogs pages and updates

with new titles!


2017-12-30 We have been bad at updating the website

during the year, so we were going to try to make a little

summary from the best of our dog-year now..


We start from the end of the year ....


2017-11-12 Insjön Working Dog Show!

Travis became BOB and Best In Show 4! Eros became BOB

Veteran and 3rd Best Male. Judge: Jörgen Hindse


2017-11-11 Insjön Working Dog Show!

Eros became became BOB Veteran and 2nd Best Male and

Best In Show Veteran 2. Judge: Nina Karlsdotter


2017-11-05 Danish Winner Show 2017 Herning!

Skorpan was BOS Veteran and 4th Best Male and got a New

Title! Danish Veteran Winner-17! Judge:Bo Skalin


2017-10-01 Örebro BK! Cannon did the Swedish Mentaltest

with very good result! He passed the test with 404 points!

We are very Happy and Proud of him!! So he got 3 New

Titles today, KORAD SEUCH DKUCH!

MT Cannon-17 065 (2)


2017-09-17 Ljusdal Working Dog Show! Travis BOS.

Judge: Kurt Nilsson


2017-09-16 Sveg Working Dog Show! Travis BOB and even

Best In Show 1!!! Cannon 2nd Best Male. Judge: Hans


Gimo o Sveg-17 400 (2)


2017-09-09 Gimo National Dog Show!

Travis BOB! Judge: Maija Mäkinen


2017-08-05 Visby National Dog Show!

Cannon BOB and Shortlisted in the group. Travis 2nd Best

Male and Elin's sheltie Skorpan was BOB Veteran and Best In

Show Veteran 3!!! Judge Collie and sheltie Zorica Salijevic


2017-08-04 Visby Working Dog Show.

Travis BOB and BIG 2! Eros was 2 Best Male and Kiyaan was

3rd Best Male with CAC! Judge: Fredrik Norgren.


2017-07-08 Alfta National Dog Show.

Travis BOB! Judge: Marianne Holm.

And Elin's sheltie Skorpan became Best Male 2 and

BOS-Veteran! Judge: Lars Wide'n.


2017-06-11 Vejen, Denmark International Dog Show.

Cannon BOB, CAC and CACIB! Judge: Dirk Spruyt.


2017-04-08. Vaasa, Finland International Dog Show.

Travis and Elin travelled to Finland and they did a really

great "job" over there! Travis BOS with CAC and

CACIB! Judge: Fransisco Salvador Janeiro.


2017-03-19. Kristiansand, Norway International Dog Show.

Travis Best Male 2 with CAC and got the new title NOUCH!

Judge: Paula Rekiranta.


2017-03-18. Kristiansand National Shetland Sheepdog Show.

Travis Best Male with CAC and BOS!

Judge: Johnny Andersson


These were 2017 years highlights for us in Team Drougge!

We are

so grateful for the year that went and look forward to 2018

with confidence!



2016-11-13 Elin went to Norway to Konsberg National Dog

Show with Travis and Skorpan. Travis was BOB with CAC.

And Skorpan was Best Male 3 and won his last CAC to

become Norwegian and also Danish Champion!



2016-11-02 Vi har lagt in Cannon och Kiyaan's MI Index på

deras sidor.


2016-10-28 Kiyaan has a new titel "KORAD"! He has done the

mentaltest and exterior descriotion with great result.


2016-07-22 Cannon and Kiyaan has done their Mental

Description today with really great results. We are over the

moon. Both without residual fears and gunshoot secure.


2016-07-01 New Photos under Sky's page.



2016-05-24 New photos under Skorpan's page and Eros got a

new titel!!


2016-04-06 New photos under Cannon and Kiyaan's page.

And new hips and elbows results on their own pages.



2016-03-18 New picture on Travis page!!



2016-03-04 Eros has a New Title LP1,He has got 3 qualified

results in obidience and now has a new titel!! 



2016-01-11 New photos on Cannon and Kiyaan's page



2015-05-12 New photos on Kiyaan's page and under his photos



2015-04-15 New photo on Cannon's page



2015-04-13 New photos on Kiyaan's page



2015-03-18 New photos on Cannon's page



2015-01-21  We have a new little collie boy in the family. He's a real small diamond, and we love him very much. He comes from Micael Johansson, Seabound's kennel. Warm thanks to Micael and Fredrik for this lovely boy. You are welcome to peek in on little Cannon's page.



2014-12-06 Updated on Eros and Travis pages. New pictures on them both. And we have made the site winter ready! And we have made a new photo album named Winter walks


2014-08-16 Updated Blog Eros became Best Male with Cacib and Cruft Qualified and ended up BOS!



2014-07-13 Updated Sky page New Pictures of Sky!



2014-06-14 Updated Eros page Today Eros got a new

titel! RLD A



2014-04-12 Updated Blog "Travis" SE JV-12 Seabound's The

Magnificent won CC and BOB at VNKK Nat Show in Sundsvall!!

More photos on the blog.




2014-04-03 Updated Blog. Sky has turned 8 years old today!

Updated with some pictures of him on the blog.

Congratiolations to Sky!



 2014-03-12 Updated Angels. 23/1-13 so wandered Shogun

over the rainbow bridge. He turned 13 ½ years old. Thank

you dear friend for the time we had together. We tie a

wreath of memories, the most beautiful and finest we have.



 18-12-13 Updated blog.Our beloved veteran Shogun has

now been 13 years and 5 months.

Collie SM Utställning 022 red


01-12-13 Updated blog. Please look in to our blog!



28-11-13 Skorpan has filled 5 years today! Big Congrats!

Semester 2013 Falkenberg & Öland 265 red