test 4  till hemsidan!

Eskilstuna National Dog Show!


2019-08-18 Milas Best Junior Male, Best Male with CAC and even

BOB! Thank's A Lot to the judge Ann-Chatrin Edoff, for your

lovely critic of our little prince Milas. He ended the day in

pouring rain by become BIG 4! Judged by

Maritha Östlund-Holmsten. Thank You so very much for thinking

so highly of him.



Norrköping Nordic Dog Show!


2019-08-17 Milas Best Junior Male, Best Male with CAC and

NORDIC CAC. (This was his 10th Swedish CAC and his 4th

NORDIC CAC in Sweden.) Once again Milas became BOB!

The judge John Palmer from Australia, gave Milas a really great

critic and we are so grateful to him. This day he also become BIS

Junior 3! The judge was Eva Nielsen. 30 Juniors competed.

Then it was time for the Group Final, and we are so thrilled to say

that Milas became BIG 2! Wow! Many Thank's to the judge John

Palmer for thinking so highly of our boy Milas.



Askersund National Dog Show!


2019-08-11 Milas Best Junior Male, Best Male with CAC and even

BOB. Thank's yo the judge Saija Juutilainen who gave him such a

wonderful critic. This was his 10th BOB!  Only 16 months old!

We are so grateful for him and to his breeder Annemarie Hutters

who trusted him to us. Love this boy to the moon and back. Love

his friendly temper and very nice way to be.



Ransäter Nordic Dog Show!


2019-07-27 Elin handled Milas to Best Junior Male and even to

Best Junior in the breed. He ended up as Best Male with CAC,

NORDIC CAC and BOS. The breed judge was Hans Almgren.

Finally Milas became BIS JUNIOR 3, and it was Leif-Ragnar

Hjorth who judge that. Thank You All so much.



Tvååker National Dog Show!


2019-07-13 Milas was Best Male with CAC and BOB once again!

This day was the judge Ann-Christin Johansson and we want to say,

Thank You Ann-Christin for your high opinion of our boy.

We are speechless over our beautiful Milas 



Tvååker Nordic Dog Show!


2019-07-12 Our Milas with Elin as a handler became 1 st Male with

CAC, NORDIC CAC and finished as BOB once again. Thank's a

lot to the judge Susanna Malacrida who gave him such a wonderful

critic. We are so happy and grateful of our lovely boy Milas.



Alfta National Dog Show!


2019-07-07 Milas Best Male with CAC, NORDIC CAC and BOB!

Thank's A Lot to the breed judge: Tomas Rohlin.

And finally he ended up as Best In Group 4! Judge in the group was

Ann-Chatrine Edoff. We are so grateful for her high opinion of our

Milas, only 15 months old. Thank's A Lot!



Vejen International Dog Show! (Denmark)

Travis 19 okt-16 035 (2)

2019-06-22 Travis was 3rd Best Male and got his Danish CAC and is now New Danish Champion!!!



Sandefjord Nordic Dog Show!(Norway)


2019-06-02 Milas first time in Norway and it was an amazing day!

He was best juniormale, Best Male with CAC and Nordic CAC and

Finally BOB!! Thank's so much to the judge Carin Åkesson.



Gimo Nordic Dog Show!

Vaasa, Tallin o Milas 13 mån-19 286 (2) 2

2019-05-25 Milas was best juniormale, Best Male with CAC, NORDIC CAC and was later BOB!

Thanks to the judge Anita Al-Bachy



Jönköping Collieclub Show!


2019-05-05 Milas was Best Juniormale and 2nd best male with CAC! And he was BOB Junior and later Best In Show Junior!

Thank's so much to the judge: Tomas Rohlin



Västerås National Dog Show!

 Vaasa, Tallin o Milas 13 mån-19 334 (2)

2019-04-27 Milas was Best Juniormale, Best Male with CAC and BOS.

Judge: Carsten Birk



Tallin Winner 2019!

Vaasa, Tallin o Milas 13 mån-19 102

2019-04-14 Milas Best Junior Male and BOB Junior with

Junior CAC, and he was Best Male and BOB! He gained the

title, Tallin Junior Winner-19 and Tallin Winner-19! He was

even shortlisted in the group. 12 months old.

Many thank's to the judge Marion Campbell, Ireland


Malmö International Dog Show



2019-03-31 Milas Best In Junior class, Best Male with

CAC and even BOB! His sister "Ziyal" Belrosa Love Me Tender

was BOS with CAC! And his father DKCH Milas Temptation

was Best Male 2 with CACIB and became CIB this day!

Thank's to the judge Panos Demetriou for thinking so highly

of our amazing boy.

Finally Milas was BIG 3! We want to thank Johan Andersson

who was the judge in the group. A really fantastic day for

all of us, in "The Belrosa Family"!



Turku International Dog Show! (Finland)

Åbo på Milas 1 årsdag-19 049 (2)

2019-03-23 Milas birthday  and he became Best Junior

male and Best male 2 with his first finnish CAC.

Thank's to the judge Eva Liljeqvist Borg.



 Kaunas Winner and Kaunas International Dog Show!

2019-01-27 Kaunas IDS, Milas BOB Junior with Junior Cac

and became Lithuanian Junior Champion, LTJCH and he

even became BOB again. The judge this day was Dainora

Sudoikieno. Many Thanks to her. So sorry we couldn't stay to

the finals this day.

Kaunas -19 054 (3)

 2019-01-26 Kaunas Winner, Milas was BOB Junior with Junior Cac and he gained the title Kaunas Junior Winner-19! He even became BOB

and finally Best In Group 2! Just 10 months old! Thank's to the breed and the group judge, Tomas Rohlin for thinking so highly of him.

Our Eros became second Best Male with Veteran Cac and gained the title Kaunas Veteran Winner-19 and even Skorpan was Best Male with

CAC and CACIB, Kaunas Winner-19 and finally Lithuanian Champion!!! What a day!



My Dog International Dog Show in


My Dog-19 067 (2)

2019-01-04 Our "Milas" Belrosa Always On My Mind became

1st in Junior class with CC and even

BOB-Junior and 3rd Best Male with Reserve-CAC!

He was even CRUFT-qualified to 2020!

Handled to perfection by Elin Drougge

 Thank's for the photos to Hanna Drougge and

Thank's yo the judge Elina Haapaniemi from Finland for

thinking so highly of him.

We are Over The Moon For Our Lovely Milas

My Dog-19 206 (3)


Herning International Dog Show

Alfta-18 220 (2)

Eros was Best Male and BOB and is now New International

Champion (C.I.B)!! Milas was BOB Puppy! 




Ballerup International Dog Show!

(Copenhagen Winner)

Köpenhamnsvinnare-18 513 (2)

It was an amazing day. We meet Milas breedes and his

siblings. Milas was BOB Puppy and Best In Show Puppy 2!!!

Köpenhamnsvinnare-18 534 (2)

Skorpan was 3rd best male and BOB Veteran

with Veteran CAC and can now call himself

Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2018!!




Högbo Nordic Dog Show!


 Eros was Best Male 2 and BOB Veteran. Travis was 4th best male




Gotland Working Dog Show!


Milas was BOB Puppy and Best In Show Puppy 2!!


Gotland & Högbo-18 140 (2)

 Eros was Best Male, BOB and BOB Veteran. Then he was

Best In Show Veteran 1!! And even Best In Group 2!! Travis

was 2nd best male and Cannon 3rd best male. Thanks to the

judge Maritha Östlund-Holmsten




New family member!

Milas Annons klar 2

We want to introduce our new little prince from Denmark.

Belrosa Always On My Mind "Milas". It's a dream that has

come true    And we want to thank Annemarie Hutters

for making this possible for us. He is such a lovely little boy!

Welcome in on his own page!



Tvååker National Dog Show!

Tvååker o Milas hemkomst-18 134 (2)

Eros was Best Male and BOS and BOB Veteran! Unfortunately

we could not stay to the final. Travis was 3rd Best Male this

day. Thanks to the Judge: Carin Åkesson.


Tvååker Nordic Dog Show!

Tvååker o Milas hemkomst-18 113 (2)

Eros was 3rd Best Male and BOB Veteran. More than 80

Veterans in the final. Travis was 2nd in championclass with

CC. And Skorpan was 2nd in veteranclass with CC.

Judging the Males was Anna Uthorn and Bitches and BOB was

judge by Beata Petkevica.





Alfta National Dog Show!

Alfta-18 030 (2)

Skorpan was best male and BOS and BOS Veteran! 42 shelties

entered! Thank's to the Judge: Charlotte Sandberg

Alfta-18 198 (2)

Eros was 3 best male and BOB Veteran.

And finally BIS Veteran 2!!! We are so happy!



Leksand National Dog Show!

Leksand nat-18 116 (2)

 Skorpan was BOB Veteran today and also

Best In Show Veteran 3!!!



New Champion at Åhus Working Dog Show!

Åhus bk maj-18 SEUCH 071 (2)

2018-05-05 Kiyaan was 2 best male (after his uncle Eros)

with his last CAC and became New Swedish Champion!!!

Thank's to the judge: Fredrik Norgren

Åhus bk maj-18 SEUCH 085 (2)


Working Dog Show Åhus!

Åhus bk maj-18 SEUCH 298 (2)

2018-05-05 Eros was best male and BOB and BOB Veteran

and finally Best In Show Veteran 2!! At 8,5 years old.

Thank's to the judge: Fredrik Norgren for thinking so highly

of him.



National Dog Show Sundsvall!

Sundsvall Nat SECH-18 120 (2)

2018-04-08 Amazing Day in Sundsvall! Our sheltie Skorpan

was BOB Veteran and Best Male with CAC and is now New

Swedish Champion !! And  was even BOB and also Best in

Group 3!!! 58 shetlies entered! Wow so amazing! He is now

9,5 years old. For the collie result was Cannon Best Male

and BOS and Travis 2 Best Male!



Dalarnas most Beautiful Veteran!

Dalarnas Vackraste Hund-18 144 (2)

2018-03-10 Eros was awarded Best Veteran in Dalarna!! Eros

blev Dalarnas Vackraste Veteran på Dalarnas Kennelklubbs

utställning i Säterdalen!! Vi är så stolta och glada!!



Swedish Kennelclubs Museum

Skk Museum-17 029 (2)


Skk Museum-17 010 (2)

2017-11-19 Today we got to be part of something very

special as a dog owner. Eros and we were welcomed to the

Swedish Kennel Club Museum where Eros was one of the

main characters in their large exhibition about collie. We

were contacted this summer by Marina Reuterswärd who

noticed that Eros has performed in several different ways.

He is both exhibition-qualified with several championships

and also KORAD and service dog. And competes in both

tracks, obedience and rally lydnad.Vi are incredibly proud

and pleased that he has been recognized in this way. 




Insjön Working Dog Show

Utställning Insjön-17 059 (2) 

2017-11-12 Travis became BOB and Best In Show 4!

Eros became BOB Veteran and 3rd Best Male.

Judge: Jörgen Hindse


Insjön Working Dog Show!

Utställning Insjön-17 002 (2)

2017-11-11 Eros became became

BOB Veteran and 2nd Best Male and Best In Show Veteran 2.

Judge: Nina Karlsdotter


New Title!!!

Alfta 8 juli-17 217 (2)

2017-11-05 Danish Winner Show

 2017 Herning! Skorpan was BOS Veteran and 4th Best Male

and got a New Title! Danish Veteran Winner-17!

Judge:Bo Skalin



New Titles!!!

MT Cannon-17 065 (2)

2017-10-01 Örebro BK! Cannon did the Swedish

Mentaltest with very good result! He passed the test with

404 points! We are very Happy and Proud of him!! So he got

3 New Titles today, KORAD SEUCH DKUCH!


2017-09-17 Ljusdal Working Dog Show! Travis BOS.

Judge: Kurt Nilsson


Sveg Working Dog Show!

Gimo o Sveg-17 400 (2)

2017-09-16 Travis BOB and even Best In Show 1!!! Cannon

2nd Best Male. Judge: Hans Almgren





2017-09-09 Gimo National Dog Show! Travis BOB!

Judge: Maija Mäkinen




Visby National Dog Show!

Visby dag 2 SKK-17 046 (2)

2017-08-05 Cannon BOB and

Shortlisted in the group. Travis 2nd Best Male and Elin's

sheltie Skorpan was BOB Veteran and Best In Show Veteran

3!!! Judge Collie and sheltie Zorica Salijevic



2017-08-04 Visby Working Dog Show. Travis BOB and BIG 2!

Eros was 2 Best Male and Kiyaan was 3rd Best Male with

CAC! Judge: Fredrik Norgren.




2017-07-08 Alfta National Dog Show!

Alfta 8 juli-17 018 (2)

2017-07-08 Travis BOB! Judge: Marianne Holm. And Elin's

sheltie Skorpan became Best Male 2 and BOS-Veteran!

Judge: Lars Wide'n.




Vejen, Denmark International Dog Show

 Norrköping & Vejen-17 460 (2)2

2017-06-11 Cannon BOB, CAC and CACIB! Judge: Dirk Spruyt.




Vaasa, Finland International Dog Show.


2017-04-08 Travis and Elin travelled to Finland and they did

a really great "job" over there! Travis BOS with CAC and

CACIB! Judge: Fransisco Salvador Janeiro.



2017-03-19. Kristiansand,

Norway International Dog Show. Travis Best Male 2 with CAC

and got the new title NOUCH! Judge: Paula Rekiranta.



2017-03-18. Kristiansand National Shetland Sheepdog Show.

Travis Best Male with CAC and BOS! Judge: Johnny





Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Show

and NKK International Dog Show In

Kristiansand! We have a New Champion!!

Travis 19 okt-16 035 (2)



 2 days Working Dogshow Rättvik BK

Rättvik dag 1-16 041 (2)22

1st day Travis was BOB and Best In Show 4!

So proud of our boy. Judge Elina Happaniemi

GFBK i Rättvik dag 2-16 103 (2)3

Day 2 was just as good. Travis was BOB again.

Judge Bo Wiberg.



New Norwegian and Danish Champion at

Kongsberg National Dog Show!!

Hanna, Tippen o Skorpan hösten-16 033 (2)skorpan

2016-11-13 Skorpan was Best Male 3 with his

3rd CAC!!!

So no his full name is RLD N

NOUCH DKUCH Westhlover Mio Min Mio!!!


Kongsberg National Dog Show, Norway!


2016-11-13 Travis was Best Male with CAC

and BOB. He was shortlisted in the group but

unfortunately not placed.


 **New Title!**

Kiyaan o Mamma från Mentaldelen Örebro-16 021 (2)

2016-10-28 Kiyaan got his exteriordescription done with

approved result. He had done the mentaltest the 9th

october when he was just 22 months old with the score of

420 points! So now he is called KORAD Kenington Gate Spirit

Of Shogun.


Mental Test!

2016-10-09 Kiyaan has done the Mental Test with wery good

result. 420 points! And approved results are 300 points.



Lindesberg Working Dog Show! 

Ljusdal o Lindesberg bk-16 079 (2)2

2016-09-24 Cannon was Best Male with CAC and BOB for the

judge Maritha Östhlund-Holmsten.


Askersund International Dog Show


2016-08-14 "Cannon" Seabound's Lord Gillingham was Best

Male with CAC, CACIB and BOB for the judge Maritha

Östhlund-Holmsten. He was shortlisted in the group but

unfortunatly not placed. We are over the moon for our

lovely boy.


2016-04-06 Great News today. Elin's Cannon, Seabound's

Lord Gillingham got HD:A and Elbows/ED:UA (0) and my

Kiyaan, Kensington Gate Spirit Of Shogun got HD:A and also

Elbows/ED:UA (0) WE ARE SO HAPPY! Thank's to our

Breeders Micael Johansson at Seabound's Kennel and Linda

Yuen at Kensington Gate Kennel for our Wonderful Boys!




2016-02-06 Eros and I compeded in obedience one more

time. And even this time we got 161 points and managed

to get a first price and Eros got his new title  I'm so

happy and proud! Now he's name is TJH KORAD SEUCH


NORDUCH RLD A SE V-15 LP1 Seamist Ice Spirit

I Love You Eros



2015-12-06 Me and Eros competed even the day after.

Then we managed to get together 161 points, and

approved our competition. We came on a third place. 

Now we looking forward to 2016 and hopefully we can

handle the remaining competition in Class 1, and then

Eros get a new title in obedience.


2015-12-05 Eros and I (Anne-Marie) competed in

Obedience in december. This day wasn't our day

unfortunately, so we just get 154,5 points and we

needed 160 points to qualify. But you always learn

anything of that. So just get going on :)


 2015-11-29 competed Elin and Eros again

in rally obedience. Even this time they

started the first competition with 84

points. And in the second competition they

got 94 points and a second place!

(100 points is the highest you can get) Now

they are ready to start in masterclass in

the spring. Just a little bit training before. ;)



2015-10-31 Eros and I (Anne-Marie)

made our debut in obediance class 1 in

Hagfors. It was fun but a little nervous.

But our Eros was really good, and

imagine my surprise when we won the

class with 164 points! I am so proud of our

belowed Eros.



2015-10-04 competed Elin and Eros in rally

obedience advanced class. There were two

races on the same day. They got together 84 points in the

first race and finished with 94 points and won the second

competition! I'm so proud over both of them.


 Visby International Dog Show

Gotland Nat 2015 066

2015-08-30 Eros was BOS with CACIB! Thank's to the judge Nina Karlsdotter.


Visby National Dog Show

Gotland Nat 2015 048 (2)

2015-08-29 Eros was BOB! Thank's to the judge Annika Ulltveit Moe.



Gotland Working Dog Show

Gotland SBK 2015 075 (2)

2015-08-28 Kiyaan was BOB with CC in his first show as junior!  He's now 9 months old. Thank's to the judge Yvonne Brink.



Ransäter International Dog Show

Ransäter-15 004 (2)

2015-07-25 Kiyaan was BOB puppy! Thank's to the judge Hans Ing. Bierwolf.



 Alfta National Dog Show 

Alfta 4 juli-15 075 (2)3

2015-07-04 Cannon was BOB Puppy and Best In Show Puppy!  Over 30 puppies entered in the final! Thank's to the judge Petra Junehall in the BIS final and to the breed judge Karin Hedberg


Collie club Dog Show in Borås

Day 2

Borås X 2 -15 534 (2)2

2015-06-28 Cannon was BOB Puppy and Kiyaan was second best male puppy.

Borås X 2 -15 613 (2)

Eros was BOS and his sister Seamist Crystallice was BOB!

Thank's to the judge Tuula-Maija Tammelin.


Borås National Dog Show

Day 1

Borås X 2 -15 083 (2)2

2015-06-27 "Kiyaan" Kensington Gate Spirit Of Shogun was BOB Puppy and shortlisted in BIS-Puppy!

Borås X 2 -15 141 (2)2

"Eros" was BOS! Thank's to the judge Carol Mulcahy.


 Avesta National Dog Show

Avesta jun-15 238 (2)2

2015-06-14  Cannon was BOB Puppy for judge

Karl-Erik Johansson. And later he became BIS

Puppy of 30 puppies of different breeds!!! Now

He is qualified for Puppy Of The Year!


Nora BK-15 215 (2)2

2015-05-14 Cannon  was BOB Puppy and

BIS Puppy at

Nora Working Dog show!


Helg i Sundsvall-15 074 (2)2

2015-05-02 Eros was BOB and BIS 2 Working

dog at Timrå BK!


Swedish Easter Dog Show!

Svensk Vinnare-15 082 (2)

2015-04-05 Our beloved "Eros"



Spirit recieved his first Winner title! He

became Best male, CACIB, BOS and Swedish

Winner-15! There were 62 participating

Collies. We are incredibly proud and excited

about our wonderful Eros. Thank's to the judge

Ralf Campbell. And Thanks to Lolo Hawkins on

Seamist Collies for this wonderful collie.





Happy Easter to All Of You from Team Drougge!






We intruduce our newFlytta & Kiyaan, Cannon 27 jan-14 195 (2)

boy from Linda Yuen at 

Kensington Gate Collies

in Norway welcome to

the family. He's name is

"Kiyaan" Kensington 

Gate Spirit Of Shogun.

We are grateful to Linda

who has given us the

opportunity to get this

little boy. Welcome in to

his own page under






We wish Elin's first own Collie Welcome to

the family. "Cannon" Seabound's Lord 

Gillingham. He is a real little diamond and we

are so happy and grateful to Micael and Fredrik

 who has given us the opportunity to get a half

brother to our Travis.We look forward tomany

wonderful years together. Welcome in on his own page.



1965077_1021240011225126_7996878451274353443_n mi






We Wish You All Happy New Year!






Lovely December is Here! We enjoy the snow and

frost. It is absolutely wonderful!

Gråbuan 6 dec-14 135 (2)

There are many new pictures so go in on the

page News for more info!




Högbo Bruk International Dog Show


Our Eros was 1 Best Male with CACIB and BOS at Högbo Bruk International Dog Show. Thanks to the Judge Terje Lindström. We are so Happy and Proud over him!

Nora 2014 009 (2)3




Norsk Kennel Klub International Dog Show in


"Eros" Seamist Ice Spirit was best male with

CACIB and get Cruft Qualified and then he was






Ransäter-14 041 (2)

At Ransäter International Dog Show our "Eros" TJH (PTRH) KORAD SEUCH DKUCH RLD N NOUCH NORD UCH RLD F RLD A Seamist Ice Spirit became Best Male with CACIB and BOS with Elin as handler! And his litter sister "Mackenzie" NOUCH Seamist Lavender Ice with her owner/ handler Linda Yuen became Best Bitch with CACIB and BOB! Big Congrats to Mackenzie and Linda!!!  Big thanks to the judge Suncica Lazic.




This weekend we were to Sundsvall on a two day Dogshow for

Working Dogs. The first day on Sundsvall BK "Travis" SE JV-12

Seabound's The Magnificent became 2nd Best Male with Reserve

CC Judge: Blaz Kavcic. And the second day on Timrå BK, Travis

became the first Best Male with CC and BOS!  Judge: Marija

Kavcic. He was handled to perfection by his breeder Micael

Johansson. The BOB both days was Micael Johanssons young girl

"Krista" Shandlmain Blue Gene only 11 months old and who

received 2 CC! She also became Best In Show in Sundsvall BK!!!

And Runner Up Best In  Show at Timrå BK and even Junior BIS!!!

Big Congrats to Micael, Fredrik and Lovely Krista!